Garden Registry

What is the Garden Registry?

The Garden Registry is a listing of garden programs across the United States and throughout the world. From botanical gardens to the local library garden, this directory allows programs to connect with volunteers, donors, and one another, and helps you to apply for our many grant programs. Search the registry for a program near you!

Congratulations to Our Winter 2012-2013 Winners!

Summit Drive Elementary Roots Garden, Greenville, SC - Growing organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs for nearly 5 years, the garden is maintained by the students and parent volunteers with the goal to turn the garden into an outdoor classroom for use across the curriculum.
Nathan Hale High School Urban Farm – Horticulture Greenhouse, Seattle, WA - Horticulture has been part this school since the 1980s. Students propogate and sell organic vegetables and herbs, harvest and donate to the local food bank, and are working toward growing edibles year-round in the greenhouse.
Lakeville Middle School Garden, Otisville, MI - The goal of this program is to plant a student led garden that focuses on vegetables, flowers, and native plants of Michigan. Student council and elective classes take leadership roles in the development and direction of the school garden program.


Give back to your community or school by providing support to a garden program. The garden registry allows schools and organizations to list ongoing projects, and provide a single location for local businesses and potential sponsors to provide support.

Register Once, Apply Many Times
The Garden Registry feature will allow you to register your school or organizational information once, and then use that same information to apply for grants, saving you from having to fill out the same information over and over again.

Sign up for the Garden Registry by December 14th, 2012 for a chance to win one of three Plantcam Time- lapse Cameras from the Gardening with Kids Shop! Three gardens will be selected at random to win and announced in our December edition of Kids Garden News!

Multiple School/Program Registration
Register multiple garden programs; then simply choose from the list of programs you registered to apply for a grant on behalf of that program.

We are proudly partnering with sponsors, donors, and organizations to help get your program the volunteers and support it needs. The Garden Registry gives potential donors the opportunity to discover your program and provide support as needed.

Attention: We have cleaned up our Garden Registry database! If you have signed up prior to July 1 st, 2012 please create a new Garden Registry profile to keep your volunteers, educators, parents, community, and potential sponsors connected to your garden program.

Rules and Restrictions on Giveaways: Please note that due to shipping costs, only schools within the United States are eligible for garden giveaways presented by NGA.

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